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শারদ উৎসব - দূর্গা পূজা পরিকল্পনা - ২০২৪ 

Sharod Utsov 2024 Planning


In recent years many new families made DFW their home and they are looking forward to a nice Bengali community. Our community members are  eager to know whether if "Amra Bangali" is planning  Durga Puja our greatest Festival.  If we go forward, we will surely try to maintain our "ghoroa" inclusive flavour like "parar puja". 

Before planning for Durga Puja we want everyone's view through this survey, that would help us to understand social value of "Amara Bangali Durga Puja". We want to ensure that everyone's input is considered and that we plan and create the best puja model that is inclusive and welcoming to all members of our community. Either you are new to this area or a veteran doesn't matter. Are you feeling excited to arrange a ghoroa puja? Do you want to get active and be in the puja committee? Your participation in this survey is very important as we look forward to hear your thoughts and ideas. Let's know what you like (or don't) like and how you want see your new Sharod Utsav. Thank you for being a part of our community and helping us plan a Great Durga Puja.

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